Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cyling Mountain Bike at Tioman

My purpose tells the cycling experience in Tioman is due to the difficulty to obtain information on cycling in Tioman Island. May be useful to anyone who is looking for information on cycling in Tioman Island someday.
The onset of the idea of ​​cycling when I open google earth and look for the pedestrian trail, I have finally found a road that connects Kg. Tekek (facing the mainland) to Kg. Juara (facing the South China Sea).
After making the assessment and research on google earth I made ​​plans to go there only takes less than a week.

By coincidence it was on my holiday weekend. The study also focuses on the expenditure there from start to back off. Most planning is done on google earth.
Google earth much help as I can make the journey and get a elevation height chart the course to be traveled.

Here I include graphic visual video that I made ​​in Google Earth.

Maximum altitude route that will pass is 1480 feet above sea level with a distance of about 15 miles Kg. Air Batang to Kg. Juara (to and fro).
Most of the route is shaded by the canopy of the forest with beautiful views of lush flora. You may also be the opportunity to find small animals.
You also have the opportunity to see the uniqueness small waterfall that is found around the route. Has a high slope and dangerous(if downhill) in the first climb from Kg. Tekek and it almost impossible to ride at some places. But dont worry you still can ride if you take a rest for a while. During rest you can use the  time to capture a photos. Can push the bike without lifting it if you are tired. Time taken to reach the 1480 feet from Kg. Tekek  is about 2 hours including rest and photo session. From the highest peak 1480 feet u will descent about 5 km to Kg. Juara and maybe take a minutes to reach Kg. Juara but remember if you lost control you maybe wounded for serious injury. Be sure your brake not to heat if not you will lost the braking power and facing serious accident too. During downhill the surface quite slippery. Brake without stopping ur tire rotation.Do not ride if rain. For me cycling in mountain Tioman Island just like fatigue cycling about 150miles although it is only 15 miles( to and fro) only.

trail elevation profile

Here I will try to tell how to get there, activities, expenditure in terms of food and others, like say everything about the experience that I have experienced.

Mersing to Tioman Jetty

a row of ticket counters and travel agents

boarding pass

We have started the journey from Kluang to Mersing at 1300H. Travel by private car ride takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. When arrived,the first thing to do is buy a ticket at the boat jetty. I'm scheduled to leave for Tioman Island at 1630H. After buying my ticket and change the ticket with boarding pass and sign name, had been looking for a secure gated car parks. After that we were cycling to the shops in Mersing town to buy some items to spend the waiting time before boarding the boat.

# you need to book a ticket before especially during peak holiday time. Here is the number phone for Mersing to Tioman boat 07-7994811.

I have arrived in Pulau Tioman at about 1830H. After the bike down from the boat by boat crew we were cycling to the 'Mawar Chalet. (My favourite Chalet) Chalet unfortunately have been fully leased. With the disappointment we have been looking for another chalet.

# Mawar Chalet not provide the booking reservation. For me Mawar Chalet- facing the sea, food is delicious and cheap, most cheaper than the other chalet.

 We had dinner at Kg. Tekek by bike. We had dinner there while looking for road to Kg. Juara entrance.(Nite Ride)
Liza Tioman restaurant

Harga lebih kurang macam Kluang jer

price for side dish quite costly but the quality/quantity and freshness  more better here

restorante look like